The annual general meeting of the shareholders of Viisnurk AS will
be held in the Strand Hotel at 35, A. H. Tammsaare Blvd., Pärnu, Estonia,
at 11.00 on 31 May 2003.

The agenda of the annual meeting:
- Approval of the Annual Report for 2002
- Profit allocation
- Recalling of members of the Supervisory Board
- Election of members of the Supervisory Board

For registration of the participants of the annual meeting:
- physical persons are requested to provide an ID document
(representatives shall also provide an authorisation document),
- legal persons shall provide a document proving their representation
(authorised representatives shall submit an authorisation document
issued by the Management Board) and an ID document.

Documentation of general meeting is available in the office of Viisnurk AS
at 48, Suur-Jõe St., Pärnu.

Andrus Aljas
044 78355