Viisnurk AS is setting up two new companies on the basis of its current subdivisions, the Building Materials and Sports Goods Divisions, with the aim of providing them with more independence in their activities under their own trademarks and allowing them to activate the development of their respective areas of business.

The companies will start their activities at the beginning of 2004 and Viisnurk AS will be their 100% shareholder. The establishment of these entities continues the restructuring process of the organisation. Legal advice for the formation process of the affiliated companies is provided by KPMG Estonia.

The Building Materials Division manufactures and markets a variety of softboard-based building materials such as wind protection boards, general building boards for insulation and soundproofing, and interior finishing boards for walls and ceilings. The division has two trademarks: Isoplaat and Isotex.

The Sports Goods Division manufactures and markets cross-country skis and hockey stickS, and distributes various sports and recreational goods to retailers in the Baltic countries. Visu and Maxxhockey are the trademarks of the division.

Viisnurk AS is a wood-processing company that manufactures and markets furniture, sports goods and building materials. It holds 100% of the shares of its subsidiary, Skano OÜ.

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