The Annual General Meeting of shareholders of Viisnurk AS will be held in the
Viisnurk head office at 48, Suur-Jõe, Pärnu, Estonia, on 31 May 2006 at 10:00.

The agenda of the annual meeting:

- Approval of the Annual Report for 2005
To approve according to the proposal of Supervisory Board the Annual Report of
Viisnurk AS for 2005, which exposes balance sheet value of 155,821,540 kroons
(9,958,812 euros) at 31.12.2005 and the profit of 9,775,528 kroons (624,770

- Profit allocation for 2005
To approve the Supervisory Board's profit distribution proposal of Viisnurk AS
for 2005:
- retained profits on 31.12.2004 (4,817,279) kroons / (307,880) euros
- net profit of 2005 9,775,528 kroons / 624,770 euros
- retained profits on 31.12.2005 4,958,249 kroons / 316,890 euros
The Supervisory Board proposes to pay out dividends to the shareholders in the
amount of 4,184,127 kroons (267,414 euros), which amounts to 93 sents (0,06
euros) per share.

The shareholders registered in the share register of AS Viisnurk on 15 June 2006
at 08:00 shall be entitled to dividend, same day the dividends will be
transferred to the bank account of the shareholders.

Beginning from 15 May 2006, the Annual Report of Viisnurk AS for 2005 will be
available at the head office of AS Viisnurk at 48, Suur-Jõe, Pärnu. The Annual
Report is available on the company's website The date of closing
the list of shareholders entitled to vote on the Annual General Meeting will be
21 May 2006 at 8:00. For the registration we ask you to take with you an
identification document. A representative of shareholder is requested to take
with him/her a document certifying their right of representation or a valid copy
of the commercial register card.

Andrus Aljas
Member of the Management Board
+372 447 8355