Decision No. 120 of the management board of the Financial Supervision Authority, 28.12.2006


1. To issue a precept to AS Viisnurk to do the issuer's financial reports according to legal acts, inc. to do following acts by compiling financial reports:
1.1. compile Operational Report according to legal acts, which includes information according to Accounting Law § 24 and § 31;
1.2. to attach the Management's Declaration to the Activity Report that is in compliance with all the clauses of § 23 of the Accounting Law;
1.3. to declare in the Management's Declaration and in the Notes to the Interim Report the conformity of the interim report with the standards of international financial reporting as accepted by the European Union;
1.4. to present in the Statement of Movements in Equity the periods of a comparative report according to IAS 34.20 c);
1.5. to present comparative data about the movements in the Note of Immovable Property Investments and in the Note of Tangible and Intangible Fixed Assets for the same period of the previous reporting period.
2. To oblige Viisnurk AS to publish a stock exchange release via the information system of Tallinn Stock Exchange within the market hours of 29.12.2006 on making the precept by the Financial Supervision Authority to the issuer.
3. According to § 234 subsection 2 of the Securities Market Act the precept will take effect upon delivery to Viisnurk AS.

Company's comments to the Decision:
Company will announce updated Interim Reports for 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2006 during the first week of 2007.
There is no influence for financial results of the Company.

Einar Pähkel
Business- and Administration Manager
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