According to the resolution of Tallinn Stock Exchange Listing Committee as of 20.09.2007 the shares of AS Viisnurk are listed on Tallinn Stock Exchange main list and trading with the shares will commence on 25 September 2007. The listing prospectus is available on the company's web page, on Tallinn Stock Exchange web page and in office of Viisnurk, Suur-Jõe 48, Pärnu.

The company will continue with same assets, right and obligation as old Viisnurk a production and sale of furniture and building material as well as Rääma real estate development project in Pärnu, excluding the real estate development project in Niidu area with the book value of EEK 7.4 million, which was in the course of division left in AS Trigon Property Development together with all related rights and obligations.

The equity of the company is EEK 71.4 million which compared with the equity of AS Trigon Property Development before the division, has reduced for EEK 5.8 million.

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