The Annual General Meeting of shareholders of Viisnurk (registry code 11421437) AS will be held in the Viisnurk head office at 48, Suur-Jõe, Pärnu, Estonia, on 15 May 2008 at 11:00.

The agenda of the annual meeting:

1. Approval of the Annual Report for 2007

To approve according to the proposal of Supervisory Board the Annual Report of Viisnurk AS for 2007, which exposes balance sheet value of 157,446,902 kroons (10,062,692 euros) at 31.12.2007 and the profit of 12,656,963 kroons (808,927 euros).

2. Profit allocation for 2007

To approve the Supervisory Board's profit distribution proposal of Viisnurk AS for 2007:
- retained profits on 31.12.2006 8,757,960 kroons / 559,735 euros
- dividends paid at 2007 5,398,873 kroons / 345,051 euros
- net profit of 2007 12,656,963 kroons / 808,927 euros
- retained profits on 31.12.2007 16,016,050 kroons / 1,023,611 euros
The Supervisory Board proposes to pay out dividends to the shareholders in the amount of 6,298,685 kroons (402,559 euros), which amounts to 1.40 kroons (0.0895 euros) per share. Not to distribute the remaining part of the profit.

3. Election and remuneration principles of auditor for financial year 2008

To appoint AS PricewaterhouseCoopers (registry code: 10142876, address:
Pärnu rd. 15, 10141 Tallinn) as an auditor. Public accounting services
will be paid for in accordance with the contract to be drawn up with
the auditor.

The shareholders registered in the share register of AS Viisnurk on 29 May 2008 at 23:59 shall be entitled to dividend, the dividends will be transferred to the bank account of the shareholders on 30 May 2008.

Beginning from 23 April 2008, the Annual Report of Viisnurk AS for 2007 will be available at the head office of AS Viisnurk at 48, Suur-Jõe, Pärnu. The Annual Report is available on the company's website

The date of closing the list of shareholders entitled to vote on the Annual General Meeting will be 05 May 2008 at 23:59.

For registration we ask that you please present:
shareholders who are natural persons are required to present an identity document; representatives of such shareholders are required to present a written authorisation document and an identity document; representatives of shareholders who are legal persons are requested to present a valid attested transcript of the registry card indicating the person's right to represent the shareholder, and the representative's identity document, or a duly formalized authorisation document and an identity document. The documents of legal persons registered abroad should be legalised or apostilled prior to presentation. Passports and ID cards are acceptable as identity documents.

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