Hereby AS Viisnurk announces that changes were carried out in the shareholders of OÜ Trigon Wood (registry code 11053100). OÜ Trigon Wood has 59,62 % of votes represented by shares in AS Viisnurk. Majority shareholder TDI Investments Ky has been restructured so that the shareholding in OÜ Trigon Wood was distributed directly to the investors of TDI Investment Ky (Scandinavian investors). In addition, one of the investors of TDI Investments Ky sold its shareholding to AS Trigon Capital. After restructuring of OÜ Trigon Wood the biggest shareholders of OÜ Trigon Wood are: AS Trigon Capital (20,75%), Veikko Laine Oy (15,52%), BCB Baltic AB (14,07%), Hermitage Eesti OÜ (11,94%), Thominvest Oy (11,94%) and Assetman Oy (11,45%).

The management board of OÜ Trigon Wood shall continue with the same members, no significant changes in development strategies of AS Viisnurk are planned due to the above described restructuring and the company shall continue its business operations in accordance with development plans announced so far.

Ülo Adamson
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Phone 6 679 200
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