Skano Group Company Announcement 19.02.2015

Skano Grop AS informs that the Supervisory Board which was convened on February 19, 2015 has decided the following:

1. Ülo Adamson was elected to the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Skano Group AS.

2. Heiti Riisberg was elected to the position of Management Board member from 19.02.2015 for a period of 3 years in accordance with Articles of Association. Heiti Riisberg shall be responsible for the business strategy and investor relations of Skano Group AS.

Heiti Riisberg was Supervisory Board member of Skano Group AS from 8.06.2009 until 6.01.2015.

Heiti Riisberg has been an employee of Trigon Capital group since 2005 and among others he is the Chairman of Supervisory Board of AS Martinson Trigon, member of Supervisory Board of AS Trigon Property Development, member of Management Board of AS Trigon Asset Management and AS Trigon Funds.

Heiti Riisberg holds 87 000 shares of Skano Group AS through OÜ Vilgan Konsultatsioonid

3. In relation to being elected to the Management Board, Heiti Riisberg was recalled from Audit Committee. Joakim Johan Helenius was appointed to the position of Audit Committee member. Joakim Johan Helenius is also member of the Supervisory Board of Skano Group AS. Kertu Virkabu shall continue as the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

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