Skano Group Changes board/management/auditors 30.05.2016

Skano subsidiaries management

SKN: Skano subsidiaries management

Skano Group AS subsidiaries management

According to the decision made by the Skano Group AS Supervisory Board when
they convened on April 25, 2016, which was published in a stock announcement on
April 26, 2016, Martin Kalle has been recalled from the Management Board of
Skano Group AS and all its subsidiaries and the daily management has been taken
over by Gregory Devine Grace. Skano Group AS announces that Gregory Devine
Grace and Gert Kuus will continue as Members of the Board of the subsidiary
Skano Fibreboard OÜ, and Gregory Devine Grace will continue, joined by Lauri
Treimann from May 30, 2016, as Members of the Board of the subsidiaries Skano
Furniture Factory OÜ and Skano Furniture OÜ. The Members of the Board do not
hold shares of Skano Group AS.

Ülo Adamson
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Telefon +372 513 94 24
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