The Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of Skano Group AS (registry code 11421437, address 48 Suur-Jõe, Pärnu 80042) was held in Skano Group AS head office at 48 Suur-Jõe, Pärnu, Estonia, on 18 September 2017.

The general meeting started at 11.15 and ended at 11.25. The shares of the shareholders who attended the general meeting represented 2 725 472 votes, constituting 60,58 % of the share capital. Therefore, the general meeting was competent to pass resolutions regarding the items on the agenda.

Resolutions of general meeting:

1. Recall Ülo Adamson and Martin Mets from the position of Supervisory Board member.

2. Elect Jan Peter Ingman and Trond Brekke to the positions of Supervisory Board member with the term of five (5) years as of the adoption of this resolution.

3. Extend Joakim Helenius Supervisory Board membership for five (5) years as of adoption of this resolution.


Torfinn Losvik

CEO & Chairman of the Management Board

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